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hey guys

I think its safe to say that the subplot of this story is that the red baron stole the scythe girls dildo and she came back to get it at the end

hahahaha hilarious near the end

..when that guy was like "fuck you mom, get me another xbox game"

Wow, I cant believe this

This flash is so good, it makes me shiver. I can't even imagine the amount of time and effort put into this. I loved the scripting, as it sounded exactly like a cartoon.

I havent seen anything this good in a loong time

This was amazing, it used about every single effect in flash that I could think of. The scripting and directing, including use of music, was excellent. I don't think I could ever make anything this good.

It felt like I was watching a movie, to make this effect is a big accomplishment, I hope to see future submissions like this.


I thought it was pretty good

It could have been better though. I thought of doing a music video on this song before, I had some great ideas abut it and I had a complete different feeling and image in my head when I was listening to the song.

I think I'm kind of disappointed that it wasn't as good as I thought it could have, oh well. Tbh, its a better experience just to close your eyes and imagine the scenery by yourself when you are listening to it... much better experience, lol.

As for the drawings themselves, I thought Eviludy was the most talented(man, you sure are a good drawer). I guess the rest was ok, but it kind of dragged on a little too much and Eviludy kept using the exact same scene multiple times, I guess it IS a long song after all.

Anyway, enough of my ranting, good luck with future flashes! ;)

That was truly amazing

I've never expected the standards for flash movies to go up this high,
but this is simply amazing. Everything was actually perfect. I can't believe I missed this piece of work.

Oh man

that was amaizng, your drawings are really good and the animation is really smooth. :) Good luck to futre flash projects, that must have taken a while.


wow, that was the best flash id ever seen in 3 years!
good flash making skills and this song make an excellent combination.
This movie deserves a 10!


MUCH MUCH better this time around!! Excellent use of the shadowing in the background, by the way, how did u make the blur when he swung his sword. An improvment i might add is the STREAM the sound, this saves up some space and will stop the sound when u pause the movie. good job again! BBy the way, if u dont know what i mean by streaming the osund, u have to go the the properties bar at the bottom when u clicko n the frame that has the music. it should be there.

lol, this is just a personal opinion but i think u should draw the face for the male characters better although as i said b4, u draw the girls better than the guys, lol.

ok, i look forward to seeing more stuff, and remember never to use real pictures in the background again!

uh. Not really much to see here, just go back and click the red "X" at the top right corner of the window.. Right there.. yeah, now click..

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