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I thought the graphics were prerendered poorly, some of the characters had very 'flat' looking figures, such as the first and assist character and the bunny with guns assist character. For the part where you have the moving screen that cuts you off, i think you should allow the character to be able to jump through the platforms.

One thing i did like was the music. I recognized the Advance Wars music right before the third boss, could you tell me what others you used?


I finally beat the entire game and all the challenges, to beat I thought the hardest challenge was challenge 13. It was pretty enjoyable and a good time killer, It took me a while to figure out how to use my cards effectively but the game was really easy afterwards.

Hint for future players: I figured out how to beat challenge 20 on the second try, he cant be hurt by magic but if you use one of the attacks that ignore elder sign and invulnerable(such as raid or shotgun, or tommy gun), then you can kill him.
Also, for challenge 16, you dont lose when you go insane(even though it says so).

the strategy that ive written below is pretty much common sense, but would probably be helpful to new players
strategy: was basically to use any taint or monster cards immediately(unless the opponents starting health is above 40) followed by cards that add to your elder sign, then cards that boosts the arcane sign and lastly, use the cards that purely deal damage. If the opponent has a lot of health you might want to stall for boosting your arcane sign a bit and then unleashing all the attacks that receive damage boosts from arcane(lets call them arcane attacks). As soon as you boost your arcane up you want to use all your arcane attacks before the opponent dispels your arcane and before he builds up elder sign too much. Finally, use your attacks that ignore the elder sign and invulnerability last. Try to remove the other monster before attacking so that you dont receive damage back, if you elder sign is equal or greater to the amount of attack that the other monster has then you dont need to worry as much about it.

dont worry too much about going insane if the other guy is on low health. when you go insane its useful to discard your extra creature cards, they're not as useful as you think they are since you can only have one out at a time

Its too bad this is your last one.. i liked this

I thought the fifth one you made was the best for its time, but this one is pretty good too. I don't really think it could be any better, no more tab button pressing to find secrets :P

hahah i made the top50 lol

that was pretty good, it kind of reminds me of ddr or stepmania which i really liked. I found that you have to gain a feel for when to move the mouse upon contact of each note.

That was great!

This really is the best zombie survival game on newgrounds

That was pretty good

It wasnt my choice of music, but I thought this was a pretty well done flash, with score 10/10 for style because I thought it was a pretty good idea. Well done.

I played about 5 times before I perfected it though. :P

The lines are kind of cheesy though..
"I am a Rock Legend of Epic proportions."

well, if its not one thing, its another

May contain a few spoilers*

First of all, there were a few technical issues that I thought could have been improved, like the wait between each line. It didnt feel like a real situation because you have to act almost immediatly, so it could have at least been faster.

I don't really think I would use this as a reference to dating.. but

Second of all, I thought that some of these lines came across as pretty corny. I kind of know what you were trying to make here, but some of the things might not necessarily work. Second page, "Look, I had the courage to come up and talk to you. It's not easy for guys like us to come up and talk to pretty girls for us guys you know." I think this line totally lacks in confidence, and did not accomplish much. Self-promotion first. You need her to get more interest in you before complementing. Fifth page, grabbing her by the ear and whispering.. thats most likely a bit too early to be making contact. Page 9, I think the part where you said you werent really listening was kind of stupid because you already established this when you told her earlier(grabbing the ear)
Page 12, "well, ok, your loss, you dont know what you are missing". I think this would have been valid if she believed in you enough, I mean, you ARE trying to be different from the rest of the men hitting on her all night.
Page 14.. Ok, with the cell phone messaging, to go this far makes you try sound desperate. You already got her phone number, what more do you want?
Page 15 - I disagree with the fact that you can do that game, where you "wait three days". I mean, we all have lives to be going on with, not all of us will be at home watching "Skinemax".

By the way, you technically could have actually gotten rid of the bethemoth a while ago. The bethemoth was in there waay too long.

It seems almost like this is like a recreation of you(or someone's) real life experience. If so, then good luck in the future.

I'd be shocked if you actually read all of this(and replied too).

this is awesome

..but you know whats wrong with it?.. My keyboard cant press 4 friggin buttons at once, so its impossible for me to get perfect on some of the songs. anyway, the artwork was great, i want to see all the pictures but i dont have the skill to unlock them all.

Um.. to make a long story short, it was amazing for something just made in flash.

wow, this is awesome

I swear, this is better than some of the console games out there today!

it was good.

but not good enough to keep me interested past wave 20...
It gets a bit repetitive, you should have added a new boss or something.
Still, it's a very good game. :)

uh. Not really much to see here, just go back and click the red "X" at the top right corner of the window.. Right there.. yeah, now click..

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